Services for Garage Door Problems

broken spring on garage door

Garage door will not open, close, resists opening or falls when closing

Federal Way Garage Doors provides services for the installation of new garage doors and openers, broken spring repair, safety adjustments, maintenance and general repairs with an emphasis on safety.

If a garage door has open-close problems, it could be related to the spring. Springs can break after several years of cycles and need immediate attention to avoid more serious problems. On the otherhand, there could be an electrical problem with the motor, or a safety sensor issue. Our experienced technicians know how to pinpoint the problem and correct it promply.

We'll provide a free estimate and will be to your site as quickly as possible (please call for details on our free estimate, as restrictions may apply to out-of-area-travel, or after-hours service calls).

We're customer service oriented, providing excellent, reliable, ethical services and an emphasis on the Golden Rule.