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Garage Door Repair Tips and How to Fix: Will not open, close, resists opening or falls when closing
If a garage door is not opening or closing correctly, there could be a problem with the torsion springs. They come in pairs. If one is broken, the garage door may labor to open, but if the door won't open at all, perhaps both springs are broken. Other issues may be to blame, including cable, pulley or even keypad, sensor or motor issues. Call us first to schedule a free estimate on the corrective measures that need to be taken.

Answers: Is it sticking during operation
If your garage door still works, but is not meeting minimum standards (sticking, unusual noises, slow motor), don't ignore the problem as it might be an indication of a bigger problem down the road. Rollers and hinges might be worn out, or in need of lubrication. And since the garage is the most ignored room in the house. there might be dirt in the door's tracks, or it could be misaligned. We are the best in repairs and services your garage door to top working condition.

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How to lubricate a garage door and help avoid bigger problems later
If you lubricate vital moving areas of your garage door annually, you may avoid bigger problems down the road. Oil hinges, tracks and other metal-to-metal parts of the door.

Not only will you be doing the largest door on your house a big favor by lubricating vital moving parts, but the door will probably open and close more smoothly. Not to mention your preventive maintenance may even quiet some troublesome squeeks and other noises. See this video for a step-by-step guide on how to correctly lubricate the garage door. (Watch Video)
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Can I save money on Energy bills - Insulated Garage Doors?
According to Energy Star Homes research, replacing an uninsulated garage door with an insulated Garage Door can save you money on heating and cooling bills. Cold air entering through old or uninsulated doors will make your heater work harder and thus increasing your power bill. Also remember to replace worn gaskets on your home's doors.
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